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Much can be learned by finding out from other comparable organisations:

  • how they design and provide the same service that you also provide
  • what their unit costs
  • what their KPI outcomes are
  • why they are doing better (or perhaps worse) than you are
  • how they got on with an innovation you are thinking of trying

But benchmarking takes a lot of time and effort. And there are pitfalls to avoid.

We can help as we specialise in benchmarking inputs, outputs, cost, quality, satisfaction and performance outcomes. We do this by:

  • obtaining published and unpublished data (for national & local PIs)
  • getting the data ahead of the national publication date if needed
  • making international comparisons where required
  • providing in-depth data analysis to find the underlying narrative
  • doing in-depth interviews and on-site visits where required
  • presenting the findings with powerful graphics so the key messages stand out
  • showing what this means for your policies and your operational services

Our clients use the resulting insights to reshape the way their services are designed, operated or funded. Please click on any of the links for further details.

If you are interested to have some benchmarking done, customised to the specific needs of your services, please contact us.