practical solutions that make a difference

SEEING A SITUATION FROM A NEW PERSPECTIVE:   "David’s sessions were incredibly useful. David was always flexible to my conversational pace, style and the issues that I wanted to focus on. He helped me to look at situations differently and to consider ne          w solutions and tools which helped me to start to make the change that I wanted. The coaching helped me to look at two issues which I was ‘stuck’ with, differently. His questions allowed me to make new insights and challenge some of the assumptions, underpinned by my own values, that I was making. He also enabled me to think how subtle changes in my strategy could make a big difference. I felt much better and clearer about the issues and became really clear on what to do and how to do it. I wouldn’t have got to the same place on my own, and certainly not as quickly."

REGAINING THE ASSERTIVENESS I ONCE HAD:   "The quality of the coaching/mentoring was very high. It enabled me to look closely at myself and my current behaviour in relation to the situation I was in and from this an action plan gave me clear guidelines to overcome the situation. It enabled me to look closely at myself and my current behaviour in relation to the situation I was in and from this an action plan gave me clear guidelines to be more assertive in my role at work. This has made a big difference to my approach to other people and I am over my phase of acting like a doormat and back to my old assertive self. David did warn me that this could have an effect on others where they thought I was being difficult; this has happened and being aware of it has helped me to deal with it."

GETTING STARTED:   "I felt very at ease when meeting with David. His calm and encouraging attitude helped me to confide in him which helped me to break down the barriers I had into manageable, bite size pieces."

SORTING THINGS OUT:  "I have been able to untangle all the things happening in my life, put them into order, and am now able to manage them individually, in a step by step guide. David has helped me to do this, but has also helped me specifically with one of these items which I knew I would struggle with. Having the impartial person to speak to was a great help, we have talked about different ways to handle situations that will have a better outcome for me along with what the different options are. Once again, with David adding a positive perception to my reasoning, I have managed to make a difference, and am now able to say “YES, IF”

A CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE: "David's confidentiality between clients in the same organisation is superb."

PUTTING THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE: "I feel that my time spent with David has helped me clear my mind and put things into perspective. I am now able to look at things from a different angle and see things differently which help me adapt my approach and interaction with different people. I have been able to delegate certain tasks to individuals which in the past has been very difficult for me, this still does take some doing but I am now able to assess the right person for the task to be delegated to. At first I viewed my sessions as time taking me away from things I could be doing but now I view it as time spent clearing my head and putting things into perspective."