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"David Rosselli served as a 1 month volunteer (Sep 2010) for the PAI office in Islamabad, Pakistan. His work and service came at a critical juncture of growth for PAI Islamabad. The contributions he made in personal skills enhancement and organisational structure improvement were irreplaceable. Within a few short days, he had accurately assessed system blockages and went on to design tools and refinements to free progress and movement.

With small inputs he redesigned PAI’s Primary Finance Template (including Purchase Orders, Expense Reports, Payment Receipts, etc.. ) now used by all offices. He designed a method for recording weekly goals, accomplishments, and hinderances. He coached & encouraged PAI’s Finance Manager, Accountant and Finance Assistant to more professionally carry out their duties. He gave expert training to the Operations Officer and HR/Admin Assistant in advanced Excel spreadsheets. He generally moved every team member forward in their job skills, from the Guard and Housekeeper up to me as the Program Director.

My only regret was that his stay was too short.
He was the empowering team mate I’d been needing. PAI Islamabad could use someone like David full time allowing the organisation to grow to its full potential." 

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