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Are you worried about your next inspection by the Care Quality Commission?

Particularly if your last inspection did not go well?

Particularly given that all inspections are no longer announced in advance? 

We can help you get ready, by carrying out a confidential pre-inspection assessment of your Home to check whether the care provided in your Home complies with the national standards of quality and safety.


We can do a pre-assessment on any or all of these Outcomes:
Outcome 1: respecting and involving the people who use the services

Outcome 2: consent to care and treatment
Outcome 4: care and welfare of people who use the services
Outcome 5: meeting nutritional needs
Outcome 6: cooperating with other service providers
Outcome 7: safeguarding from abuse the people who use services
Outcome 8: cleanliness and infection control
Outcome 9: management of medicines
Outcome 10: safety and suitability of premises
Outcome 11: safety, availability and suitability of equipment
Outcome 12: requirements relating to workers
Outcome 13: staffing
Outcome 14: Supporting workers
Outcome 15: statement of purpose
Outcome 16: Assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision
Outcome 17: Complaints
Outcome 21: Record keeping

IMPROVEMENT ACTION PLANNING                                                              

Perhaps you have had an inspection and now need to write a 'SMART' improvement action plan. We can do this for you, or if you prefer we can work alongside you whilst you write the plan yourselves.

We can provide support for implementing an improvement action plan, particularly if your staff are unsure how to do this, or if they lack the spare time to make it a reality. We will do this alongside your staff (i.e. working with them, not separate from them) so that after we have finished and gone away your own staff know what to do and no longer need external support.

Running a Home is hands-on and it is difficult to keep on top of all the paperwork. Care Plans may not be up to date or easy to understand. Or you may be rolling out a new Care Plan format, but there is a backlog of residents' files that have not yet been changed over to the new system. These paperwork tasks can get unintentionally left for weeks or even months. We can rapidly get them all in order for you.

We can independently gather opinions and satisfaction ratings from your residents and from relatives of service users. This can be done via a mix of methods:
  • online surveys
  • paper questionnaires
  • telephone interviews
  • facilitated meetings face to face

QUALITY AUDITS: We can help you by:
  • designing for you a Quality Audit system, bespoke to your requirements
  • carrying out quality audits if you do not have the time

COACHING OF STAFF: We can coach individual members of staff to help them:
  • understand their current situation
  • set goals for improvement
  • select options to reach those goals
  • design practical action plans to achieve those goals
  • click here for more details of our coaching services

If you would like to discuss further please contact us.